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MLP FiM shipping by AngelMoon13
MLP FiM shipping
The meme didn't belong to me but it is belong to Mysticalblackangel mysticalblackangel.deviantart.…

I want to share my opinion about what shipped i loved, dislike and why, and so if there isn't any line between pairings, it is because i don't know what to think of them.


King Sombra and Twilight Sparkle 
I don't know where to start, but i never watched mlp from the beginning of season 1. I started looking at the video in recommended section on youtube and watched an episode about the crystal empire just so i can see what's about. Now seeing Twilight Sparkle is becoming an princess and King Sombra was a evil king ruler. I felt i start thinking between them because she's an heroine and he's villain, I can't explain why i liked them. I don't care if he's way older but by the way he looked young, evil and she is an crazy bookworm, caring and selfless...might what i think her personality is.

I don't know for example i read an fanfiction "Shadowy Love"…. You'll check what it is about, i did it find it amusing and reading this how he went through funny he is sometimes with the ponies and so far i like the tension drama between them. But i also want to read an other way around if he takes over the empire and takes Twilight as his queen, not for her to become evil, more like a slave and hopefully see relationship progress.

Discord and Fluttershy

This by far makes me so awe and feelings, i never actually know about Discord until i watch his best scenes on youtube but i didn't shipped them until i watched The Bride of Discord, and yet that now give me so much feelings just seeing how fluttershy is so shy and cute with him, especially it give me feels when she cries, he feels so bad for her. I love so many interactions between them, And yes, i watched the episodes he's in. I didn't read the fanfiction yet but i will sometime when i felt like it.


Rover and Rarity
Don't get me wrong. I don't really loved it. It's weird for between a dog and a pony but i like in the only episode he hit her flank and seriously she's annoying the hell out of them, it is funny. I only look at the pics if there any and nothing more and in fact i think it's cute :3

Discord and Twilight does get me stuck right in between who i chose to pair Twilight with Discord or Sombra. I like it but the interactions between Fluttershy and Discord made me love them even more so i chose to pair Twilight with Sombra. I don't check the fanarts or even read an fanfiction, i'll consider to check to videos. Discord is so awesome!!


Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle

Let me give reasons i don't shipped them. It's not that because i shipped her with someone else like Sombra. It's just that they just met and quickly they start liking eachother. I don't know much about Flash and they didn't show much progress to his character so i don't see why would i like them, it's I hope they don't end up together because it dosen't seem right. 

These i don't care. o.o I mean that i accept it ha-ha and if there is no lines between then that means it's also neutral to me. 
Inside Out - Meme by AngelMoon13
Inside Out - Meme
The idea who created this belongs to MinePonyIdea663.

I don't hate any ships and brag about it, i'll say I respect it and not say anything about it.

Fear x Joy - They're interesting combination. They're so cute, I wish I can push their heads together and make them kiss. If Riley would go on a date, I believe Fear and Joy can combine to make a memory with purple and gold.

Favorite -
Anger x Disgust - I love it if they argue, at a time when Disgust taunted Anger on purpose for to get Joy and Sadness inside.

I kinda like it -
Anger x Sadness - It gets to me, they're the opposite. The trailer when shows Sadness fall on top of him, I would wonder how Anger will react t an accidental kiss, maybe would be mad or not.

Bing Bong x Sadness - I never thought of it, but when I see someone's else meme, I think it will go well that she comforted him.

I don't like it -
Fear x Disgust - Hmm... ^.^ I won't say anything, but it's the fans think there's more fear x joy than fear x disgust. To be honest, for me, I see it other way around.

Fear x Anger - I don't have a problem with it, i'm not a guy x guy shipper or girl x girl except if it's bromance and Girls being friends.

Joy x Disgust - They're like friends get in a cat fight!! that was one moment over a grape lol I love that moment.
Joy x Anger - I like it, but something got in my way.


AngelMoon13's Profile Picture
United States
I'm 18 years old…my username is actually stupid but hey i was 14 years old when i named it. I would of change it but i can't afford it. lol
Here's my youtube link to see some videos i make

and my youtube account…

I shipped Click (Nick x Clementine) romantically
If you say anything bad about them, trust me it's with older clem but I wouldn't mind for her be a child :)

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